Educating and communicating with you customers—via iPad

One of the aspects of the new Apple iPad that I am most excited about is the way it will help us to deliver and share content. If you’re like me, you may have a stack of books next to your bed or in your office (Seth Godin’s are at the top of my stack) or perhaps a folder’s worth of articles you’ve torn out of a magazine to “read later.” Maybe you download PDFs of white papers and e-books from the Internet. Whatever the case, if you’re yearning to learn more about your business and stay ahead of the curve, you read. Imagine all of that literature stored in one tablet. When viewed, the articles, books or e-books read like a two-page book, show colorful graphics and you can interact with this literature with embedded video, audio, and other comments. Simply put, the iPad is yet another new channel for sharing content—with your customers, vendors, partners, and even end-users. It offers marketers a new creative medium that can become part of your communications strategy and the iPad clearly redefines the book as a multimedia experience. Now customers will be able to take all of what they want to read—including your informative ebooks and articles—and read them when they want, where they want, and enjoy the experience. Think of the possibilities you can create and then distribute to your stakeholders. Ebooks that interact with surveys and quizzes. How-to articles that show off charts and diagrams. The possibilities are endless. While there are still some kinks to straighten out in the newborn iPad, watch closely. As it evolves, it will change the way we read—and look at things.

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