Did traditional media just find its lifeline? The iPad

A recent article in Advertising Age made the case, that indeed, it may have. Could the iPad be to the publishing industry what iTunes was to the music industry? Traditional media, including newspapers and magazines, has been hit hard because of new technology. More and more newspapers and magazines are folding each month, simply because they can’t secure the advertising necessary to stay profitable. Why? Because consumers are reading and researching more and more content online, and advertisers have gone to meet their consumers where they are. But, if the iPad provides interactive content and information, could newspapers and magazines now begin to enhance their electronic publications? And with the interactivity of the iPad, these publishing stalwarts may just have the ability to change how they do business but still publishing engaging, timely content like traditional media. With iPad’s easy touch screen, tablet construction and color monitor, and its size, it looks as though it may be the next step in publishing just as the creation of iTunes became a virtual library of music for the iPod. So where does this new tool fit in with you? It’s time to start thinking of the creative advertising opportunities that may present themselves. Could you create an interactive ad for the iPad? If newspapers begin “selling space” with applications developed for the iPad, what types of videos and other interactive material could you create and share with users? This is just the tip of the iceberg emerging, but clearly the iPad could change the way we look at traditional marketing and advertising.


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