Do your vendors think you are unique?

Every day, we struggle with understanding and then tweaking and redefining our value proposition for our customers and vendors. We think we are unique, that we provide different solutions and ideas that no other VAR provides. But I ask you, do you know that for sure? Have you investigated what other VARs do and how they set themselves apart from the competition? Lately, I’ve been hearing of VARs who are losing business because their customers and vendors are claiming they aren’t unique enough—that they are providing the same basics that everyone else does. So if you don’t offer any unique benefits, why should someone do business with you, versus the next guy? Instead of just saying you’re unique, you must show it and prove it. Explain the types of solutions that you are able to provide and show your customers and vendors how they will work within their business model. Demonstrate the benefits they will gain when your ideas and solutions are put to work. In order to set yourself apart from the competition, you must make your customers and vendors feel like they are invested in the solution as well. If you can trigger response how well they could succeed by working with you, they’ll be able to view what the future could really hold. Your value proposition doesn’t come to you overnight; it takes careful thought and an understanding of what your customers and vendors want and need. Saying you’re unique doesn’t cut it—you have to show off the benefits of working with you to your stakeholders.


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