How do you create something exceptional?

The same way you always have—just differently. Huh? So many times, I hear VARs moan about the slowdown of business. They are in search of the next great thing to push their business forward or simply need a “shot in the arm” to stimulate sales growth again. But when I ask them what they are doing to make things happen, to stir the pot and generate new ideas and sales, repeatedly I hear the same “in the box” thinking—without any new or different ideas attached to them. Folks, you can not do business in the cookie cutter fashion that you used 10 years ago—or even two years ago. You must take risks and be constantly thinking about how you can do things differently with your business. Now is the time not to be average. Try new things, put it out there on the line so that some might call your moves risky or gutsy. When was the last time you were called gutsy? It’s a pretty cool label to carry, isn’t it? It makes you feel like you’re out on the edge. The fundamentals haven’t changed. You still need excellent content, a great idea, great people to implement the idea and a way to learn from implementing your idea before someone beats you to it. I’m not saying it’s easy. But it’s like training wheels. You can pedal your bike comfortably with them. Take them off and you may wobble a bit—and maybe even fall off—but in the end you’re doing something that the other kids aren’t. It’s time to take your training wheels off today.


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