Social media continues to influence the BtoB buying process

Here is just one more reason why you shouldn’t be considering jumping on the social media bandwagon—you should be updating, tweeting and linking in with full force. By now, you should have realized that social media—social networking in particular—is an amazing tool to connect with like-minded people, to share ideas and to collaborate on projects. Yes, it can be used as a sales tool, but not in the traditional sense. Postings on Facebook or tweets on Twitter are soft-selling, if that, and more of a relationship and brand-building tool. BtoB buyers, it seems, are realizing this as well, as they are sharing their buying experiences online with networked friends, business partners, customers, and colleagues. In a DemandGen Report survey of BtoB executives, more than 60 percent acknowledged that they shared their thoughts on their purchase through such social media as blog postings and discussion forums on LinkedIn. So, if your customers are having a great buying experience with you, chances are, they’re raving about you in their Status Updates or Tweets. Likewise, if their experience was not very pleasurable, they’re letting the world know that as well. Potential customers are doing the same. They’re networking with trusted vendors and partners looking for the ultimate solutions provider. Because social networking is so transparent, they’re learning about you—good or bad—through their social network online. The survey reported that nearly 90 percent pf the respondents said that blogs influenced their decision making process. Based on just these few stats, it’s clear that social media is impacting the way we do business—through what others say about you. Do you know what is being said online about your business?


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