Will you lead the pack out of the recession?

While we may be climbing out of the current recession, inevitably business will begin to prosper again. You will see incremental growth in your business and feel like heaving a sigh of relief as the stress of the past two years finally fades into the distant past. But are you ready for the recovery? And are you aware that what happened in the past two to three years will most likely happen again (hopefully not as extreme) in the future? Now is the time to position yourself not just as a leading VAR, but as a leader in the industry. It’s time to emerge from the recession on top, in order to stay on top and ahead of your competition. So how do you do it? You’re an independent business that may be teetering on survival right now. Which are you leaning? You’ve had to tighten your expenses, and may be considering closing your doors and selling your business. But stop for a minute. Do you have a little bit of capital available that you could invest in a new technology or talent? Research tells us that a marketing investment made now will help you to gain market share and reap a sales reward when the economy recovers. And we all know it will recover; the only question is  “when?”. Think about the ways you can highlight your value proposition so that you distinguish yourself from the competition. Instead of squeezing your budget into a useless shadow of its former self, look at how you might be able to put yourself in a leadership position simply by taking a risk. You can use the doldrums of the recession to your benefit. Carry your umbrella and be prepared for rain. When the sun finally comes out, you’ll surely be shining.

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