Think like Google

Did you know that Google is always in beta? How cool is that? That means that they are constantly trying different things—new ways to do business. They are never satisfied with the status quo. They know their business world will change and their model is to stay ahead of the curve so that they change before the Jones’ do. This is Google’s response to always being in beta as reported to PC World: “We believe beta has a different meaning when applied to applications on the Web, where people expect continual improvements in a product. On the Web, you don’t have to wait for the next version to be on the shelf or an update to become available. Improvements are rolled out as they’re developed.” Evolution. It appears that Google may be using “beta” and “evolution” synonymously. And I love it. Imagine always being in beta, always evolving, constantly improving on products so they are never actually finished simply because you want to continue to improve on them to make them better. So let’s bring that concept into the VAR world. What could you try that’s new and has the ability to evolve based on learning what happens when it is out in the market? How can you actually let the market help you develop your products and services? By collaborating with your customers and vendors, imagine how your solutions could evolve to be bigger and better? What can you put into beta today?

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