Demonstrate clear ROI and your customers will buy

All too often, when we look at sales projections we rely on the fact that our customers have already allocated certain funds for products and services for the year. Depending on their budget calendar, this could be done any time of year. After a budget is finalized and approved, VARs can become complacent in thinking that if a customer doesn’t have money budgeted for a new product or service that is introduced unexpectedly, then there isn’t a hope or prayer that the customer will even consider a purchase. This is a false assumption that can quickly lead to lost sales revenue when VARs ignore the valuable step of demonstrating proven ROI. In a survey by DemandGen Report, eight out of 10 BtoB executives actually said they purchased a solution during the past year that was not formally budgeted for and approved in that period. The survey also showed that 25% said that budget for a solution might be included in a larger budget and available when the seller clearly demonstrated ROI. And if the ROI was strong enough, monies were taken from one area of the budget and used for the project. So my question to you is, how good are you at delivering ROI on your products and services to your customers? Do you simply rattle off the specs and technical information from a stat sheet, confident that the latest and greatest will sell by itself? Do you assume that because you are introducing a new product mid-term, your customers won’t have funds to allocate to it? Your customers’ thought process on buying changes daily and as a result, they look at their budgets daily—and in a different way each time. Show them what kind of ROI you can deliver, and it won’t matter what the season is; they’ll buy.

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