Why do your customers want you?

Have you ever given this question any thought? Why do your customers really want you? The same question could be posed about your vendors. What is it that makes you unique—your value proposition—that encourages your customers to continue doing business with you? If this was an end-all, be-all question you’d be rich, right? Well, let’s think about this in simplistic terms for a moment. You are a solutions provider. You are the expert in your field, and like a superhero, you fly in at lightning speed and fix things, solve problems, and get rid of the evil that is lurking within your customer’s world. Your customer, on the other hand, has a problem and can’t solve it himself. He knows that if he doesn’t solve it, he won’t achieve the success that he wants to. So he needs someone to solve it for him. While your customers might not come out and directly say, “Solve my problems, please,” that is what they want. If you’re shy about pitching new products and services to your customers, don’t be. Think about embracing the endless possibilities that you have in your solutions toolbox and present them to your customer. Don’t “sell” these solutions per say, simple present them in your day-to-day conversations. Problem-solving helps to build your relationship with your customers. You have the solutions; you just need to present them.


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