How can you make your brand more visible?

You may not have deep pockets that would allow you to run TV ad space during the Super Bowl like a large brand would, but there are endless opportunities to take these big brand ideas and apply them to your own. You don’t have to spend $3M per 30 seconds to reach your audience. The Flip CamerasCreating a similar campaign that integrates traditional advertising like a TV ad with social media and online marketing can have just as much impact, so long as your message is on target with your audience—and you develop your total brand image as much as you can. Look at M&Ms, for instance. What used to be known as “melts in your mouth, not in your hands” can now be personalized with “Mindy + Jeff,” customized as a corporate gift, or purchased as a stuffed toy based on the animated “alive” characters they have become. It’s not about selling just the candy anymore; it’s about selling the characters. M&Ms has become a more visible brand than ever before. So what can you do to make your brand more visible? How do you take your business from one dimensional to three dimensional? How could you use the Flip Mino to create your own TV commercial? Or online video that can be spread virally through your websites and social media? Think about your value proposition. Now develop it into something more than just a statement of expertise. Your customers will tweet about the new you. And like the M&M characters, you just might end up on the guest list—only your guest list will be for business, not shopping.


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