Video-making made easy

How do you think all of these professional-looking (OK, and some not-so-professional looking) videos wind up on YouTube or company websites? Perhaps it’s a big flashy—and expensive—production crew that spends days setting and then filming the video, and hours in the editing room overlaying sound and music, for just one and a half minutes of fame. Perhaps not. Making videos has never been easier in today’s technological society, which is why YouTube states that an average of 20 hours of video is uploaded every minute. Video makes connecting easy. Using engaging visual and inspiring music and words can not only help you connect with your customers and vendors, it will enhance your relationship with them. Video evokes emotion. It can solve problems. It can provide answers in a unique and interesting way. And it’s easy to do. Many smartphones today have video capability, and other small handheld devices like the Flip Mino offer inexpensive, easy, and accessible ways to create “How To” videos, podcasts, and training material. If you take a look at this video, the author who created it claims that it took “less than 15 minutes from hitting record, to downloading it to my MacBook, to getting them up on YouTube, to then posting them this review.” The Flip CamerasAt just under $200, this is one of the economical ways you can create your own videos. Don’t be scared, just try it! Your video doesn’t have to be slick—in fact, it shouldn’t be. It should be transparent and real in order to truly connect with your customers.


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