If Nielsen says it’s up, it must be up

In general terms, I think most people would agree that the use of online video is rapidly growing. If YouTube is experiencing 20 hours of video being uploaded every minute, you can only imagine the impact—how many of those videos are posted on Facebook, tweeted and then retweeted, or simply forwarded to colleagues, partners, and customers? The viral impact of informative and interesting video has the potential to deliver incredible ROI. And Nielsen says so, too. The Nielsen Company, known for its TV ratings and rankings among other statistics, reported that the time spent on overall online video viewing last December was up 13 percent over the same time the previous year. Unique viewers increased by about 10 percent as well, just one more indicator that video streaming is going mainstream. So what does that mean for you? With our corporate culture insisting that relationship building be at the forefront of our existence, how do you incorporate video into your mix so that you build upon customer relationships? Create dynamic video as a means of offering your customers something special and unique to their needs. Spend time with your customers learning what their strengths and weaknesses are and where they would like help. Then create the videos to support their needs. Not only will this help your customers in the “now,” it also shows them that you care about their challenges and are willing to do something unique in order to help them overcome those challenges and succeed. Be creative. Think outside the box. And click “Record”.

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