Google to blame for the insurgence of online video

Online video production and expenses are becoming more and more commonplace in marketing budgets as a line item. According to the comScore Video Metrix service, US Internet users watched more than 30 billion videos online in January. And analysts argue that Google is to credit. Since its purchase of YouTube in 2006, Google has been the catalyst for thrusting online video usage to the masses. And now, another study by Unica suggests that marketers are using video more and more—of those surveyed, 55 percent currently use it and another 20 percent plan to integrate it into their marketing mix in the next year. So where do you stand with online video usage? Are you using it on your website but haven’t created the bridge to posting on YouTube? Are you struggling for content ideas or worried that your video needs to look like an Academy Award-winning film? Ditch the negative thoughts. Simply put, if you don’t jump on the video bandwagon, you’re going to get lapped. And your customers will look for other VARs who offer insightful, informational videos instead.


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