Email marketing tactics in viral videos

If you feel confident in your email marketing campaigns, here’s a little secret. By transforming those same tactics into a video marketing campaign, you’ll increase your results and connect even more with your customers and vendors. Why? Because viral videos travel and they provide a human, visual element that email marketing doesn’t (unless you’re embedding videos in your email campaigns!). Think about what your email campaigns achieve for you. Are you using them in order to get more opt-in on your website? Are they a teaser for joining a podcast or training session? Do they tell the story about different ways to use specific product and services? Online video accomplishes these goals and more, but adds a storytelling, personal element. More often than not, there is a person in the video, sharing an experience, offering a how-to lesson or using customer or vendor examples of ways in which to better their business. Videos of success stories help you sell! They provide the perfect medium for you to partner with your vendors, collaborate on a marketing project that’s a win-win for both of you, all while providing your customers with important information and a connection to you that’s human. Think about what stories you have to share, and then share them in a simple video that will leave a lasting impression.


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