As you “socialize,” don’t forget about email

Social media has ignited our marketing world. If you’re not posting status updates or tweeting, you’re projecting an image that you’re not” in the know” or on the leading edge of technology.

But what if, instead, you continue to use email marketing campaigns as a way to communicate with your customers? And what if you solicit ideas from your vendors and partners to include in those email blasts, so that you can provide rich, informative content that just can’t be covered in 140 characters?

I say, “Bravo!”

Smart email campaigns continue to produce excellent ROI whem executed thoughtfully. And it appears that email recipients agree. In a recent study by Epsilon, Q4 2009 North American Email Trends and Benchmarks Report, email marketers enjoyed an increase in open and click rates in Q4 2009, compared to the same period in 2008. Open rates continue to grow, increasing 5.3% to 22% in Q4, with the holiday season pushing that continued growth even higher. I believe that we are saturated with so many mixed messages about the importance of social media that we forget the birth of social media began, in part, with interactive email marketing. But today you must take it one step further. Talking about your latest products and services isn’t enough. Collaborate with your vendors and partners to provide customers with real nuggets of insight and trends in the industry, for educational and training purposes, and to give them more than a status update ever could.


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