Websites that connect partners

Today’s customers are savvy. They aren’t looking for stat sheets or downloadable one-pagers with product descriptions. They demand product videos, interactive conversations, and more virtual descriptions of how a product works and functions. As a reseller, you know that your customers are struggling to keep up and provide these nuances to their own customers. One way to help solve your customers’ issues is to partner with them on website technology. It provides a way for to you continue to be a part of the entire sales process, instead of having your customers work with vendors directly. If your website is still one-dimensional, your customers will by-pass you and find a VAR who offers up all the goods online—after all, our viral world is far from one-dimensional these days.  Your customer will look for a reseller that can not only provide all the information they need to influence their customers, but also showcase the interactive nature of social media, blogging, audio, and video that makes doing business so much different—collaborative—in today’s market. How can you partner with your customers so that your website becomes three-dimensional? What are some of the insights that your vendors can offer in order to take your sales process—and customer communications efforts—to the next level? People are using social networking daily on a personal level. The same should hold true in your daily business life as well.


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