How transparent are you with your partners?

I was working with a reseller who was so thrilled about his accomplishments in the world of social networking. He said he had been on top of his tweets, was posting status updates regularly on LinkedIn and Facebook, and felt as though his social networking campaign was “active.” I then asked him what he was tweeting about; what did his posts say? Were his vendors, partners, and customers posting comments? How was the online dialogue going? What was he learning from developing his relationships online? Sadly, he gave me a blank stare. Folks, social networking isn’t a game. It’s not a tool to use simply because “everyone else is using it.” Our customers, vendors, and partners are demanding that we be open and honest about our business, products, and services—to be transparent—and ditch traditional marketing efforts that reek of self-promotion and shallow promises. You must get to the root of the issues and dilemmas of your channel partners. Your tweets and posts should include questions that probe, so that you can discover answers that will make you a better reseller—and a better partner. Provide the tools like online video training, links to helpful sources, and other viral information that will keep your partners coming back to you, because you become their valuable knowledge source . Drop the walls. Put it all out there. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive return.


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