Why social media is a must in channel marketing

From a consumer’s perspective, social media is clearly here to stay, with more and more consumer-driven companies adding Facebook pages to their marketing mix, tweeting about news and information, and making business connections through LinkedIn or showcasing new ad campaigns on YouTube. But what about resellers? How can social media impact your marketing mix with your channel partners? It’s simple, really. First of all, it’s a low-cost way of virally spreading your message and building brand recognition, which is important during these lean times when marketing budgets are shrinking across the board. Not only can you create a following with your customers, but you can also connect with partners and vendors in so many different ways. When you post something relative or of importance on Facebook, your vendor connections have the opportunity to click “share” and relay that information to their friends and fans. Partners who follow you on Twitter can easily retweet your information in the same way. Podcasts that include training tips and advice for working better with partners can be used internally with your vendors as well. If you create a web of ways to connect all your stakeholders through social media, the end result is not only positive for you, but for your vendors and partners as well. Being their resource will keep them connected and engaged in marketing relationship that benefits everyone.


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