Every piece of your website should have purpose

While this may be an obvious statement, sometimes when I visit reseller and industry websites the message is lost. There are bells and whistles, things flashing at me, “fake” pages to turn..  Inevitably I leave the site. The other day, as I was reading an article, the sound of footsteps could be heard coming from my computer. I had no idea where the sound came from. I clicked on various flashing things, but the footsteps continued. I flipped pages, tried navigating to different parts of the site, but I continued to be followed. So now, not only were these fancy design elements annoying me, but they were scaring me as well. The only thing I could think of was that some virus or hacker was literally “walking” into my computer. It had the Big Brother feeling to it. And yes, I immediately left the site. My point is, your website should be designed to draw your customers and readers in, not scare them away. Create navigation that is intuitive. Clean, bold design is more inviting that blinking icons (makes you feel like you’re on the Strip in Vegas). Website copy should engage and inform. And all elements should encourage the visitor to take action. If you aren’t fulfilling these very basic steps through your website design, you may be losing customers without barely saying hello. And for gosh sakes, lose the footsteps!


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