Integrating your channel resources

How do your channels integrate? What if you tapped into vendor and partner knowledge and resources to produce the most amazing new product launch or informational podcast or online video? We all sit around the water cooler these days and brainstorm about how to grow business. Not that we’re all looking for a quick fix, but with the economy still running ragged, it would be nice to know—even be guaranteed—that one implemented idea might develop into something sensational. Recently, I was talking to client about this concept that is to pool together the best resources and blend old and new marketing techniques. This client had a few people in its office that had access to an incredible network of top directors and vice presidents—yet they never tapped into them for ideas. The client had a database of customers but rarely leveraged the database, and they partnered with one of the top vendors to create new sell-through tools and ideas to reach the end-user. But they weren’t communicating with each other. What if the vendor’s ideas were showcased in an online video or on your Facebook page? How about a postcard that drove people to your website or encouraged to learn more on your social networking pages? As a Super VAR, you have all this expertise at your fingertips—via your vendors and partners—and if you don’t use it to leverage yourself and your business with your customers, you’re missing a vast opportunity. By providing an amazing package of tools and resources to your customers, they will simply want more of it, more often, and will seek you out to get it.


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