Who are you?

One day, you’re the super solutions problem solver. The next day you’re the order taker. Sometimes you’re the delivery guy. The marketing guy. The HR guy. Oh yeah, and you usually run the company, too. So, if you’re doing all these things and have so many different irons in the fire, do you know who you are at any given moment? And when I’m referring to who, I don’t mean you specifically—I mean your brand. Who are you? What is your identity? How do you define your value proposition? If you don’t know who you are or what your core values are for your brand and company then how are you going to align yourself with like-minded customers, partners and vendors? You want to work and do business with people like you—who share the same values that you do. Doing business is all about relationships, and it’s much easier to build and have a positive relationship with a person or company that you’re on the same page with, instead of having to sell your ideas and solutions to someone who is never going to understand your point of view. So, before you reach out to prospects, or even work with existing stakeholders, take a step back and review whom you represent as a company. Get buy-in from those who work for you and develop a clear vision for who you are and what you represent. It’s the only way to avoid an identity crisis.


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