Are you easy to do business with?

I’ve been writing about building relationships with your partners and vendors, leveraging their resources and information, so that you can provide your customers with the best solutions to sell through to their end-users. Are you putting these ideas and collaborations to use? And if so, how easy is it for your vendors and partners to actually do business with you? Sometimes we are so hyper-focused on our customers and their needs that we automatically expect our vendors to be in tune with their problems and issues as well. And that’s not always the case. While some vendors may have a pulse on mutual customers or the end-user, in order to be the Super VAR, you need to know more than a pulse. You need to be the pounding heart beat that pumps in the fresh blood and new ideas from your vendors back out to the customer. Make it easy for your vendors to work with you. Don’t assume that they understand the quirks and nuances that live within your world or your customers’. If you have a channel program idea, instead of launching it into the channel, collaborate with your vendors and partners first and refine it so it works for not just you, but them as well. Part of your success in the here and near future will be based on how easy you make it for vendors and partners to do business with you. Open doors and build relationships. Communicate and success will follow.


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