What to do with survey information.

Have you conducted a survey with your customers lately? It’s the smart step every time business dips, or we’re looking for new ideas on how to sell our products and services. The intentions of the survey are good, of course. You can learn more about what your customers need.

  • What do they want from?
  • How is the industry affecting their business?
  • What does the end-user really need?
  • What tools can we give them to make them different from their competition?

And then, with all these great answers, and loads of insider information, what happens? Too often, we do nothing. We electronically file the completed surveys, maybe tally up some of the answers, or sometimes read through the comments. And then we get sidetracked by the minutiae of our day-to-day business taska, and the information becomes old, stale, and useless.

So here are a few ideas for you to implement immediately after survey results are in, quantified and qualified. Become the super solutions provider. Turn one of the topics into an ebook and publish it on your website. Write an article that solves the most common customer problem and include a link to it in your next e-newsletter. Post snippets of the survey results in your blogs or create a presentation that’s available to download. The bottom line is, you have uncovered valuable and useful information in your customer surveys. For goodness sake, don’t let it go to waste—leverage it.


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