Giving to your channel partners

With so many marketing messages in the world today, it’s your job as a Super VAR to cut through the clutter and determine what your channel partners really want—and expect—from you, compared to what perceptions marketing messages might create. It’s hard to do, no question. You might constantly be talking with your partners and keeping the lines of communication open. Today’s channel partner is pretty savvy. They want a blend of useful tools combined with key connections so that they can in turn provide the ultimate resources and close sales with their customers. Vendor comparisons and peer reviews offer insightful information that can be used in the channel.

From a marketing standpoint, your customers turn to white papers and product brochures the most to find key facts and new ways to promote and sell their products. Ironically, they don’t use case studies as much as you’d think and prefer to participate in webinars that are on-demand instead of at a scheduled time (= less convenient). What else is important to your channel partners? How do they integrate social media into their mix? What do they really want (versus what we think/say they want)? Knowing the answers will give you the competitive edge.


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