Do you have a social media strategy?

My guess is you would reply yes, even though the more truthful answer may be no. You may think you have a social media strategy—you blog, you tweet, and regularly post status updates on your Facebook Fan page and LinkedIn profile—but in reality, unless you have a plan behind the content and timed delivery of that information (like HootSuite), then you have no strategy. Even worse, if you have no way of measuring your efforts; you’re wasting valuable time (translated: money) and weaken any chance for great ROI. Just because social media and social networking are free, doesn’t mean you “just do it.”

Because of its no-cost nature, social media can trap you into thinking you’re excelling in this marketing tactic, when you are really spinning your wheels. And how well do you integrate your social media plans with the rest of your marketing mix? Studies show that aligning your social media strategies with other marketing tactics will deliver greater overall return on investment. Consider how you can tie in your overall branding and communications strategies into your social media plan. How can you use social media in your research of new products, services, or even your competition? What ways will social media give you an advantage or that extra edge over your competitors? In a recent study reported in emarketer showed that about 35% of those surveyed continue to run their social media and networking tactics completely separate from the rest of their marketing campaign. Would you create a direct mail piece and not include your website on it? Would you send out an e-newsletter without an email address so people can contact you? Remember to think strategically with your social media plans, and incorporate social media in all aspects of your marketing toolbox.


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