Brands’ buying power on Facebook and Twitter

While doing business directly with the consumer can be different than B2B marketing, some similarities do exist. A new study by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies (written about in webpronews) addresses the impact that brands can have on their fan base and followers on Facebook and Twitter. The study showed that, of the 1,500 consumers polled, 60 percent of Facebook fans and 79 percent of Twitter followers trended toward either purchasing or recommending a brand. The numbers were high for purchasing from those they fan or follow as well. So you have to think, that if a brand has that much impact with consumers on these social networking sites, then it just might offer up the same results in B2B marketing as well. After all, you’re building your brand identity and communicating your value proposition with your customers—business, vendors, and partners—in the same way others are marketing straight to the end-user.

Your brand identity is just as important, and if you have a fan base or following that believes in your brand, chances are, they will be more likely to buy from you or to recommend you to a prospect or colleague. Keeping your updates and tweets relevant to your business, your core values, and your value proposition will help develop your brand’s continued buying power, even in the social networking world.


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