Have you touched your database lately?

When you start each day, you must look at your business differently, beginning with your database. If you’re not continually touching your database, keeping it current, adding new information about customer wants and needs, you’re losing out on value that will help steer your through the beginnings of our economic recovery—and information that could prepare you for the next downturn (yes, there will be one again someday).

If I asked you who your customers are today, could you tell me? Were there customers in your database last month that aren’t there now? Who will still be on your radar a month from now? And how are those customers doing business with you? Remember, 80 percent of your activity will come from about 20 percent of your customers. Do you know who your repeat buyers are? Who are your best buyers? What are their buying trends? Are they due for a product refresh? Should they be replenishing supplies or adding on new services from your menu? What industry are they in? What types of products and services could you offer them that would be of value specific to their business world? Just updating contact information or sending out an occasional email doesn’t cut it any more. Your database must contain useful information about your customers’ needs and wants, what their problems are, and their buying trends. It is an essential tool to help you be prepare for whatever the day may bring.


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