Does one aspect of marketing produce another’s ROI?

I firmly believe that each marketing piece you produce—whether it’s a traditional postcard mailer, a display ad in your local paper, or a series of status updates on your Facebook page—must be able to be measured in terms of success. ROI is so important today, making sure every dollar spent counts and produces some sort of return on your investment of time, resources, and cash flow. But what if one marketing channel influences another? How do you measure TV ads that might have an indirect effect on the number of fans you have on Facebook or people following you on Twitter? Sure, including your website address or phone number on a postcard is going to help track the volume of clicks or phone calls a week after the postcard campaign hits. But if you’re measuring each marketing medium in its own bubble, you won’t see—or benefit from—the results that can be produced across the channels as well. Are you running multiple marketing campaigns at the same time? If so, no wonder you can’t determine from which channel the results are coming. Instead, consider timing your newspaper ads with an email campaign. Or a direct mail strategy that will boost website traffic. But run them separately so that you can distinguish where the results are coming from. And if anecdotally one channel is producing great ROI “just because” then it could very well be that another channel is the mastermind behind the results.


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