How clearly do you deliver your solutions to your customers?

When I ask VARs to name their biggest benefit that they sell to their customers, inevitably the majority of them say “customer service.” Which I find interesting. If 90 percent of the VARs I work with said customer service was their biggest benefit, then how are they any different than the next VAR? Your value proposition is not delivering excellent customer service. In fact, today, great customer service is simply expected from the customer. If they don’t receive it from one VAR, they’ll just find another who can deliver. So I ask you, how clearly do you communicate your unique benefits to your customers—those benefits that can actually help your customers solve their problems? As you think about your value proposition, consider the specific aspects of your business that help your customer’s business to succeed. Is it the way you have a team of savvy developers that is ready to troubleshoot 24/7? Is it a service or solution that will turn a customer’s balance sheet from red to black? What are the types of solutions, products, and services that you offer that clearly define who you are—what needs-based benefits can you communicate to your customers to show them that working with you will prove more fruitful than working with a competitor? Great customer service has almost become a catch-all phrase that applies to nearly everyone in the market. What makes you unique? And how are you going to communicate that clearly so that your customers understand what it means to them?


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