Wondering what to blog about?

You are not the only one who sits in front of a blank computer screen on occasion, knowing full well you must come up with a blog post that is witty or insightful, and of course, useful to your readers and customers. It happens to all of us—what am I going to write about today? Part of the problem lies right within that question, however. If you are sitting down daily to blog—and write that post—you may be going about your blogging all wrong. When you are pressured to sit down and write in the moment, writer’s block can almost be inevitable. But if you have a blogging plan that includes setting aside one hour, one day a week, to write four or five posts at a time, you’ll find the ideas come much easier. But you still must decide what to write about. Keep these thoughts in mind:

  1. People love lists. Notice I’m starting one here. By creating a list for your reader, you’re creating their “To Do” list for them and giving them permission to accomplish and check off the items on your list as if it were their own. It feels good to cross things off a To Do list!
  2. Stay relevant. What’s going on in your industry, your region, with your partners, or vendors? Blog about the world around you as it relates to your customers. They want to know what your world is like and how it affects them. Let them know through your blog.
  3. Follow thought leaders and blog about them. You don’t necessarily have to be the wizard of the industry, but be sure you’re following the wizard. Connect yourself with leaders and then lead your customers with their information (giving credit to them, of course). These types of posts will show that you are on top of what—and who— is hot and your customers will keep coming back to learn more at your blog.
  4. Play the numbers. People love to see bottom line ROI, so when you can, show them the numbers that resulted from solving a specific problem or how things might be trending in the industry.

Blogging isn’t hard. It shouldn’t take a lot of your time. With a clear plan and consistent posts, you’ll be on your way to making blogging something you look forward to.


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