How are you starting the new year?

With the start of a fresh, new year, we have been conditioned to come up with a resolution to do better. 

Resolutions are goals. So why not make more positive ones? Resolve to be a better businessperson. Put yourself under the microscope and find behaviors that, if improved, could benefit your company. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Be a better listener. Stop doing all the talking. You might just hear something incredible.
  • Invite ideas from others. Don’t limit your sphere of influence to just your management team. Rely on the people who work directly with your customers to offer up their insight and ideas.
  • Set goals. You might envision what you’d like to happen this year but until you write it down, it’s just a wish. Create accountability by sharing your goals with others and establishing a timeline and task plan to achieve it.
  • Read. Spend 30 minutes a day broadening your knowledge by reading articles, enewsletters, books, and blogs. You will (not “might”) uncover ideas that can boost your business.
  • Be a problem solver. Resolve to identify problems and then craft the solution. These challenges could come from your customers, end-users, vendors, channel partners, staff, or internal operation. Tackle one at a time and watch your business grow as a result.

And with these resolutions, your payback may come in the form of a healthier  bottom line.


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