The Success Saboteur

Do you know why so many new year’s resolutions fizzle out before the month of January comes to a close? They are made with the wrong motivation. You can look at the calendar and tell yourself that it’s time to lose a few pounds or stop smoking, but you haven’t made the emotional commitment. When you are driven by something as weak as a date on the calendar, you set yourself up to fail. Then you’ve set a precedent for failure. And when that resolution comes to mind again (and it will), you know the world didn’t end when you failed to live up to your promise. So, you break it once again and feel little or no remorse because you actually expect to fail!

People who successfully alter behaviors are those who have the strongest motivation. A woman stops smoking to protect the health of her unborn child. A person diagnosed with diabetes gives up sweets in order to reduce life-threatening risks. And a business owner who has relied on outdated thinking needs to broaden his perspective to survive in today’s tough economy.

Take the time to identify a more powerful motivator. Success, I think, is a great one!


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