iPad’s attractiveness? It’s more than good looks

What does Steve Jobs have inside his brain that his competitors don’t? The amazing insight into what his end users really want.

Clearly the iPad is the tablet market leader from Jobs, due in part to his uncanny ability to understand what the market really wants—not what he thinks it wants. Microsoft and the PC market have been struggling for years, spending thousands, if not millions, of dollars, trying to create something similar to the iPad. But they just haven’t had the oomph. Why? Because no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to get the interface right. Jobs can—and does. Apple has the incredible knack for providing an amazing user experience. That’s what makes their products—including the newest one, the iPad—so attractive. It’s not about how the iPad looks (although it does look pretty cool), but it’s about how it works. Where are people doing most of their socializing, information-seeking, or business today? On the Internet. So now, we have our iPhones and other smartphones that allow us to do business on the go, but not in an easy manner. Thumb typing can get old. In steps the iPad. The next version of Internet on the go. You can check your email on the go, watch a movie in-flight on your next business trip, or simply get all the work done that you need to with the anticipated applications that are quickly going to become available. So while the iPad is definitely the next technological phenomenon in my mind, what do the stages of development teach us about our customers? Your products or services don’t have to necessarily look pretty. But they have to work for your customers. Literally. Your products and services have to deliver the solutions that will define how your customers do business. And then those customers will keep coming back to you for the next latest and greatest offering you have.


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