What else is part of the iFuture?

If you have been following any of the CES2011 Tablet news, the iPad continues to lead the pack among new entrants.  The iPad opens opportunities and doors  for many industries.

I came across an excellent blog about the world of Apple the other day, which in turn lead me to a post about Apple’s iTravel for the iPhone. The new application apparently will address the inevitable transition that will happen in the airline industry with digital boarding passes. The boarding passes of yesteryear—read: paper—are becoming obsolete as people continue to use e-tickets for travel. But Apple, always one to stay ahead of the curve, is in line with the same thinking as Delta Airlines, which is in the process of supporting and accepting digital boarding passes at some of its major hubs. No more printing of boarding passes and a way to shorten up the waiting process at the airport. Who’s not going to love that? Standing on that creative edge, according to the blog, iTravel will help with check-in and baggage ID, car rentals, hotel arrangements—basically anything related to the trip—hence the name iTravel. Which again made me think, in our smaller circle, how can we do something similar on our mobile devices? What ways can you use your customers’ smartphones to make their transactions with you simpler and paperless. As a solution’s provider, providing this type of solution would certainly perch you above the competition. With more and more of your customers multi-tasking and doing business on the go, what ways can you utilize iPhone or smartphone applications to your benefit, and ultimately your customers’?


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