In the world of i, anything is possible

Enter the world of iAds, yet another platform that Jobs and Apple will enter—advertising. His belief is that both online and TV ads miss the mark, that they don’t drive emotion enough and therefore fail to capture a viewer to his fullest potential. So Apple will build the new iAd platform right into its new iPhone OS interface. Absolutely brilliant—and creative, as to be expected with Apple, always one step ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and creating the “what’s next.”

The problem with ads today, especially those on TV, is there is no interaction with the viewer. The viewer sits on the couch, and the images, words, and music must capture the viewer. It can be very subjective, of course. Online ads are similar in the traditional video sense. But what if an ad were interactive? What if you were to able to create an ad where your viewer could click here or scroll there to actually interact with the product you’re selling in your ad? Perhaps there would be a quick tutorial featuring one aspect of the product. Maybe five correct answers on an interactive quiz would earn the viewer 20 percent off his next purchase with you. The possibilities are endless. And with more and more people working on the go, with mobile communications quickly becoming the norm for how many do business, the iAds make “cents.” According to sources, Apple will host and deliver all of the iAds in a similar way that it does with its iPhone apps. What will be born out of their creativity next?  And how can you leverage these innovations and changes in the new digital world?


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