Could the iPad save the publishing industry?

Based on the latest trends – digital eBooks are changing the book industry.  As more and more innovators look for ways to jump on the iPad application bandwagon, you just may see some old and new come together, one helping to save the other.

Working with PixelMags, one company in particular, Express KCS, has come up with a service and application for publishers hoping to capture the market that has left their paper world for the digital age. The concept is that publishers will work with Express KCS’ proprietary application to create layouts that are user-friendly to the iPad’s tablet format. Newspapers and magazines that are creating in graphic programs like InDesign and QuarkXPress will be converted in order to be easily viewed on an iPad or iPhone for those mobile users. The readers are still seeking the news from these publishing mediums, but they require a different delivery system than most have wanted in the past. This type of application bridges the two publishing worlds, driving not just quality digital content, but ad revenues as well. As the iPad continues to evolve, watch for more industry saving solutions. Then think about how you can put these creative ideas to work for your business.

Perhaps you could make your own mark in the new publishing world with a unique offering to your customers?


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