Ditch the benefits of your products and tell a story instead

How does your dog and pony show work lately? Have you been making sales calls and presentations only to have your customers staring blankly at you? Is it that obvious that they are bored? If so, you are clearly in trouble and have missed the mark on what today’s customers want—and don’t want. What they don’t want to hear is a litany about how wonderful your products are, and that they have 15 bells and 39 whistles, and all at an affordable price. What they do want to know is how your products and services are going to improve their world. If your customers can’t envision how your products are going to solve their problems, you have lost the sale. It’s that simple. But, if you can capture in your mind a view of how your customers operate their businesses on a daily basis, what they struggle with and what they really need to be successful, you win. So become a storyteller. Paint a picture of how one company might be struggling with a particular challenge in demand generation or sales conversion. Then present a solution. Show them how your team solved the problem with X, Y and Z products. Your services supported the products. And the customer saw just a 10 percent increase in qualified leads or conversions of prospects to buyers. Customers understand stories because they can see themselves as the characters. Relate to them in this way and the sale will naturally follow.


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