Align your ducks

Ducks come in all shapes and sizes. There are mallards, wigeons, eiders, loons, spot-billed—dozens and dozens of species. Sure they share similarities, but they also have their differences. Do they all eat the exact same type of food or fish? Probably not. So you wouldn’t go throwing one bucket of fish into the water and expect them all to eat. If you’re treating your customers like ducks, they probably don’t care much for their habitat and they’re not enjoying your food. Each and every customer you have, or would like to have, is unique. Each one has his own individual set of problems, challenges, and issues. A different diet is needed for each species to keep them healthy and strong. So why are you trying to appeal to the masses? If you’ve created a direct mail campaign with the same message, hoping that a few customers might visit your website or give you a call when they receive it, you’re failing to target your message. Paddle around with each customer. Find out what they need to stay afloat. In other words, know your customers individually, not as a group. Then, when you find customers with similar views, problems, or needs, zoom in on them with an spot-on message or offer. Your response rate will be greater and most likely your conversion rate will grow as well. If you work on winning over like minded customers, you’ll be able to provide them with quality service that works for them and your business.


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