Are you still caught on the traditional marketing wheel?

More of my clients are just spinning and spinning, expending tremendous amounts of their energy, but not getting anywhere. When I ask them what’s included in their marketing plans, they share with me the traditional models—a few direct mail postcards, bi-annual ads in the regional trade publication, displaying at an occasional trade show. Ugh! I still believe you can’t blow off traditional marketing completely but if it is your sole marketing tool  to generate sales and new business, it’s no wonder you’re exhausted from running on that wheel and getting nowhere!

Today’s traditional marketing must be mixed with content-based marketing strategies. Create great content about your products and services—and offer it for free—through social networking and social media outlets. What’s more engaging: an article you wrote that includes real-life examples of how your products work and produced great ROI (share your numbers in your example) or a black and white display ad with your logo and a tagline that says something like “We value our customers.”?

Today’s customers want engagement. They want to feel like they are contributing to the solution. By providing customers with content that can then be the catalyst for a thoughtful discussion allows you to build a relationship that can’t be found on a trade magazine page.

Why aren’t your traditional marketing elements working like they used to? Because your customer has changed his way of thinking. He’s on the go more. He reads in snippets and probably online more than at his kitchen table with a cup of coffee. You’re stuck on the wheel because your customer got off and you didn’t follow him. Think about the leads you could generate simply by talking to your customers through the medium where they are. Then draw them in with great content and ideas. It’s about time you got off that wheel.


2 thoughts on “Are you still caught on the traditional marketing wheel?

  1. I fully agree. You must give your customers and potential customers a compelling story that will engage them.

    Great stuff!

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