Write a case study with your partner and watch where it goes

Budgets are still tight these days so we must be creative about the ways we market our products and services. Traditional marketing tactics are a natural draw, of course, because we know how to do them. We’ve advertised for years and the stack of leftover postcards from past direct mail campaigns continues to grow and you begin to wonder why you killed all the trees and didn’t see a bigger return on your direct mail investment.

Let’s look at one tactic that is easy to do, has a tremendous viral effect and costs little to produce. Work with a partner to write and create a case study about a particular problem for which you provided a profitable solution. The case study doesn’t have to be fancy, but should have enough information to set the stage, highlight the challenges faced, and present the solutions and ultimate results. Write it with keywords that relate to your business, products and solutions. Then use the case study everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Post it to your website. Provide a link to it in your next e-newsletter or send out a special e-blast announcing its availability. Search for industry news sites and feed it to the content managers. Include a link to the case study on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Tweet about it. Write a press release about the case study and distribute it through a resource so that it will be picked up by search engines. I think you get the idea here. Other than your time, what other financial resources have you put towards this one campaign that reaches multiple levels of customers and leads? I challenge you to block out one hour this week to meet with a partner and discuss an idea. Then write your case study and share it with the world!


One thought on “Write a case study with your partner and watch where it goes

  1. Thanks for your great post. I fully agree that this is a very cost effective way to market your product of service. But at the same time you work on building a stronger relationship with your partner. They can use the case study to send it to their customer and prospect base while a vendor can use it more generically.
    Another suggestion I want to give you is to use a template for the case study to make this process even easier for your channel account manager to take to their channel partners. I have worked that way and it delivered great stories!

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