QR Codes for Your Marketing Tool Kit

A QR code is a specific two-dimensional code, scannable by camera phones and dedicated readers. The information encoded can include data such as text or a URL. Initially embraced by the vehicle manufacturing industry to track parts, QR codes are now used in both commercial devices and convenience apps targeting mobile users.  And the best part – marketers get a wide variety of metrics. 

QR CodeBuilding On An Existing Loyalty Program With QR Codes
Like the barcodes cashiers read, QR codes contain product information like pricing, stock-keeping unit, and inventory information. Yet to go mainstream in the US, in parts of Asia and Europe QR codes are an everyday technology for both businesses and consumers.

But what does this mean to channel resellers? Quite simply, QR codes can be easily incorporated into advertising and packaging. Clients scan a code using their mobile – possibly even with an app branded by you the reseller – which then redirects to a website or other mobile-enabled content, through the path of purchase.

QR Codes: Quick Wins
For channel resellers, QR codes can be easily implemented to: 

  • Allow clients to take immediate action to learn more about your business and purchase products
  • Be used on cross-channel marketing materials and even business cards
  • Allow clients to save information to their device for future reference
  • Reduce the drop-off that results when a client is required to remember a URL or promotional code.
  • Enable clients to spread the good word about your business by forwarding your marketing messages to others

 Show that your marketing is part of the mobile marketing revoluation and start incorporating QR Codes today.


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