Mobile Websites – Do You need One?

Good news for businesses: it’s possible to offer clients and consumers a first-rate mobile experience without committing the time and resources needed to build an app. Unlike apps, which are platform-specific (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, etc), mobile-optimized websites require only one build to reach a much larger, cross-platform base of users. Plus, discovery is as simple as typing a URL or following a link, and no installation is necessary.

The ITU expects mobile to overtake the PC as the most popular way people access the internet within five years. Despite this, mobile web is a channel that businesses continue to ignore. A recent study by Brandanywhere found that just 4.8% of US retailers had mobile-optimized websites.

Why is a mobile-optimized website a must-have for both your reselling business and your retail clients? According to Brandanywhere managing partner, Dan Flanegan, of the 1000 consumers polled, one in two said mobile-readiness affected their purchasing decisions. “One in two consumers would give that preference based on whether the retailer has a mobile site,” Flanegan said. “It indexes even higher with higher-value purchases. There is a big opportunity retailers can grab onto.”

The easiest way to ascertain whether your business would benefit from a mobile website is to view your existing ‘desktop’ site on a range of popular internet-enabled handsets – from the top-end iPhones and Androids, to lower-end, feature-light phones. If the user experience leaves a lot to be desired, a mobile-optimized site may be an asset to your business.


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