Is your blog bringing you new leads?

businesses with active blogs generate 67 percent more online leads than business that either have an inactive blog or don’t have one at all. Look at the sales potential you’re leaving on the table when you don’t blog!

A business with a blog will have an average of 15 online leads compared to an average of nine for the non-blogging business. But you can’t just go through the paces and say, “I have a blog.” It must be active. Think about it. If you’re generating random, yet organic leads from search engines, how are they finding you? Perhaps through additional indexed pages and new keywords that pop up in your blog. If this is the case, then you clearly have an active blog—bravo!

Research also shows that those businesses that posted an average of about 24 blogs showed search engines that they offer a steady stream of content, which, in turn, prompted the search engines to rank them higher in the search. Add in links to articles and the rank goes even higher. For those businesses who published up to 11 blog posts, they garnered about three leads. But bump the blog count up to 23 and the lead generated count grew to 10. More than 24 blog posts or articles, 13 leads. I throw in a word of caution here, however. Don’t be fooled by the number of blogs necessary to garner new leads. Quantity needs to be tempered with quality.Your posts must also deliver keyword-rich, relevant content, in order to catch the attention of the search engine spiders. Simply posting a blog won’t do—your content must be valuable to your end user.

The best way to blog, in my opinion? Set aside one hour a week and generate a handful of blogs. If you have a pool of them as a resource, it won’t feel like a “task” that you have to do each day. As a result, you’ll have plenty to talk about often.

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