Is ROI measurement really working for you?

In survey after survey, we hear VARs talking about the importance of ROI. Whether it’s measuring the success of a program or the organization as a whole, or used as a solution to an existing challenge, ROI has become the “it” factor for doing business successfully. But do you really know what you’re measuring? What types of programs do you have in place that can be accurately measured? When marketing and sales ideas are developed, do they begin from scratch, with a component designed to measure ROI—or are they simply created, and then as an “oh yeah” moment, a haphazard way of measuring results is added as an afterthought? In today’s economy, when marketing budgets are being slashed and business owners are scrutinizing every part of the business, those programs that demonstrate greater ROI will survive the next round of cuts. Do you know how to design and execute a measurable program? It’s time to stop talking about ROI, and put the systems in place that will give you a true sense of what works and what doesn’t.


One thought on “Is ROI measurement really working for you?

  1. Hi Michelle,

    What you say about SM ROI is very true, and according to reports most marketers are spending this year questioning how ROI should be evaluated. To me, ROI is dependant on the company’s objectives – you may be looking at increasing brand awareness, or you may be looking to use social media to leverage sales directly. I think within the next year or so ROI will become clearer to establish, and we’ll have better tools to use to gauge how successful our SM campaigns are.

    Have a good day!

    – Patrick @ SeanceSocial

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