Is your online content building SEO?

Is your online content rich with keywords and links? Have you looked at it lately?

Writing for the Web isn’t the same as any other writing—because in this medium, the words act like gears that create action. Yes, a print ad is written to spark an action, but it’s usually singular, like calling a toll-free number or visiting a website. When you’re writing content to be posted online, you have to be think beyond syntax.

Keywords and links rule the Web.

The goal with online content is to get clickthroughs, to take your visitor on a guided tour of your site, leading them to take the action you want: submit their email address so you can capture it, download an ebook so they can be impressed by your wisdom, make an inquiry, or—CA-CHING—place an order.

To do all of that, they first need to find you, which means that the search engines have to know where you are. If you want to be noticed by them, build in keywords—those little buzzwords that align you with the search terms your target prospects are using. If you’re a tech reseller, “tech reseller” is one of your keywords and it needs to appear regularly in the copy, page after page. Your specialties, products, services, solutions, and things like
“special offer” need to be scripted into your source code and show up in your content. When your keywords appear frequently and with relevance in your content, the search engine crawlers take notice. They recognize that you haven’t just sneaked it in but are truly committed to those words. And you move up the results page.

The next thing that many site owners miss is a linking strategy. Like keywords, active links show the crawlers that you have a viable site with relevant linking. If you mention “widget” within the content on your homepage, build in an anchor text link to make it one-click-easy for the visitor to go to your Widgets Products page. If another site has good comparisons of widgets and yours get high marks, include an external link. SEOmoz has a great post about external linking strategy that explains the thinking in more detail.

Remember that the key to building SEO through keywords and linking is RELEVANCE. You can’t outsmart the search engines by inserting words and links randomly. You’ll get busted. Do it right and you’ll gain page ranking.

Are you using a successful strategy for keywords and linking? Please tell us how you’re doing it!


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