Take a hard look at the effectiveness of your partner operations

Once you have settled into a comfortable channel routine, there’s one thing you shouldn’t neglect (but probably will): optimizing your partner base.

For some organizations, taking a regular, hard look at the sales force is a given. Top direct sales companies, for example, analyze the results of their sales force at least every 90 days. From there, they can make educated decisions on which members of the sales force need additional training, which should be rewarded for their performance, and which should simply be cut from the team. In most channels, however, this kind of partner optimization rarely occurs, despite the benefits that could be reaped from the process.

To optimize your partner base, set aside a certain number of times per year (quarterly, for example) to analyze partner operations. Use that time to determine whether the fit between you and your partners is still right; to cut consistently under-performing partners or those that are not aligned with your end customers’ needs; and to recruit new partners if necessary. Make this process easier on yourself by maintaining comprehensive and accurate partner profile information.

By regularly evaluating partner operations, you’ll be in a far better position to achieve quality over quantity.


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