Success in numbers: The value of integrated marketing

I’m a strong advocate of social media. But I also know that this marketing medium alone will not deliver the results you expect, want, and need. Nor will email marketing, which has a huge ROI, fill the bill on its own. Components like social media, email, direct mail, Internet marketing, public relations, and others each have individual strengths and weaknesses. To gain the best results, use them together and use them wisely.

For example, while direct mail pieces can give you a 1% to 3% response, permission-based email marketing can boost that to 5% or 10%—the key here being permission-based, and not spamming. As I also mentioned in an earlier post , you need to respect your valued lists. They have given you permission to come into their inbox once in awhile. Don’t overdo or you will be asked to leave, via an unsubscribe/opt-out request.

The good news is that you can add social networking to your marketing mix and take it to 10% or even 15%!  These are numbers that were unheard of with traditional marketing media—unless you were pushing an incredible deal. Direct mail delivers a sales message, but it is then supported with email and social media marketing messages that initiate a one-to-one conversation.

The other benefit of the mix is that you build your brand recognition while you also build relationships with customers. And that’s key in our 21st century culture. Buyers want to do business with people (not companies) they trust—and those who do more than merely fulfill an order. Be a trusted resource and you’re well on your way to experiencing strong results with your integrated marketing campaigns.


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