3 Under-Utilized Marketing Strategies for Getting Traffic and Leads

By now, you have probably heard all about the ways that you can help get traffic and leads to your website through article marketing, e-mail marketing and link building via forums and social media like Twitter and Facebook.  These are invaluable net marketing resources and getting more and more important all the time as customers increasingly expect you and the rest of the public facing part of your organization to have a presence online. Having a webpage, company e-mail address, Facebook company page, LinkedIn page, and Twitter feed are pretty much par for the course at this point. (And this pretty much goes for companies and individuals.)

That said, though many companies are making full use of the power of the internet, there are some very powerful methods of reaching customers that still go underutilized. Here are a few net marketing strategies that you may not have considered:

Video Marketing (i.e., YouTube marketing)

One of the rapidly growing methods of reaching customers is video marketing—sometimes called YouTube marketing after its most famous distribution platform.  Web marketers have already discovered this powerful medium, but many companies have not yet woken up to its potential.  There are two great advantages to this kind of marketing:

One advantage is that it puts a human face onto your company, letting your most photogenic and persuasive company representatives speak directly to your customers in a way that feels more immediate and authentic than half a dozen brilliantly written blog posts. (In fact, the representative doesn’t even have to particularly photogenic, so long as they “look the part.  Authenticity is the currency of the realm in video marketing.)

The second advantage is that video marketing has amazing SEO potential.  Google and the other search engines have put an increased emphasis of late on other kinds of media—mainly photos and video.  You may have noticed this by the links to video that will often pop up on Google searches these days. What this means is that a well-keyworded YouTube video has a much easier time working its way to the top of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) than your average web page. So it gives you one more tool for getting traffic to your site.

Social Media Groups (e.g., LinkedIn Groups)

I hardly need to tell you at this point that social media is also leading to organic traffic for websites.  You and your company should already have a presence on Twitter and Facebook, but another way of generating leads is via social media groups—especially LinkedIn groups where people from specific industries will congregate to stay abreast of industry news. These groups, which comprise anything from freelance writers to IT consultants, are not only a good recruiting space but are also a good way of making new contacts within an industry.

Many work contracts start not when the CEO or CFO of company makes a contact, but when someone from middle management suggests a contact during a meeting.  That is why it is always useful, in addition to posting your website and contact information on your LinkedIn profile, to devote time to the group pages within your target demographic.

Press Release Marketing

Finally, one of the least used but most effective ways to get links and traffic to your website is via press release marketing. Web press releases, when especially created for the web, work somewhat like article marketing in that they get picked up by various different web publications.

The main difference when it comes to press releases is that many of the outlets are objective news sources which add to the credibility of the press releases.  A well-written press release can get picked up over and over and make a real impact on web traffic by creating a host of reputable backlinks.

These 3 types of net marketing strategies, when used properly, can help your company’s website to boost your traffic. Of course, once they get to your website, you still need to get them to convert, but that is a topic for another web post.


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