4 Successful LinkedIn Marketing Tips

LinkedIn is an incredibly useful business marketing tool.  It’s so effective, in fact, that LinkedIn membership has more than doubled in the last year.  Professional people around the globe are using LinkedIn to make profitable connections in the marketplace.  If you aren’t using LinkedIn as a part of your online marketing strategy, you are missing out.

Perhaps you’re shaking your head right now.  Perhaps you’ve been a member of LinkedIn but it hasn’t been the lead generator you were promised.  If you’re frustrated, don’t worry.  Just joining LinkedIn and creating a profile isn’t enough to give you the advantage you’re looking for.  You need to follow these four marketing tips to leverage LinkedIn to your best advantage.

Tip 1 – Be Compelling

If you’ve spent any time looking around LinkedIn, you will quickly notice many profiles read like resumes.  They offer little excitement and they certainly don’t compel you to make a connection.  If you want to have an impact in the LinkedIn world, you need to be compelling.

  • Complete Your Profile – Seems obvious, but you won’t believe how many people miss this step.  They miss significant information and don’t present a complete picture of their professional selves.
  • How’s Your Headline? – Your headline is possibly the most important part of your LinkedIn profile.  People use this short statement to make a snap decision about you.  Hook them with a headline that stands out.
  • Offer Content – blog posts, articles, images, videos… all of this content makes you interesting…as long as the content itself is relevant and timely.

Tip 2 – Build Community

Don’t hesitate to make connections with people.  In fact, connect with everyone.  Every connection gives you exposure to all the people they know.  Each connection means exposure to potentially millions of other professionals.  Review each connection request you receive and approve those that have a completed profile with a picture as long as there is some relevant reason to connect.  If they live in your area, work in your industry, are connected with someone you know or are connected with or include a personal note with the request then approve them.  Build your community.

Every time you update your profile or post new content (something you should do frequently by the way) a notice goes out to everyone you’re connected with.  That notice is seen by everyone they are connected with as well.  More visibility equals more interest.  More interest equals more leads.

Tip 3 – Join Groups

LinkedIn Groups are online networking events more powerful than your Chamber of Commerce meetings or Kiwanis Club.  Strategically join groups that can enhance your business.  Look for groups that are relevant to your business or industry and have a large membership.  You want a group with a dedicated moderator or leader and active discussions and interactions.

Use these groups to build relationships and establish yourself as an expert in your industry.  Post questions and answer them.  Comment on other posts.  Become a part of the dialogue.  Let other members get to know you, how you work, and what you know.  Before long the leads will be flowing in.

Tip 4 – Stay Visible and Valuable

Be committed to LinkedIn for the long haul.  To get the most from it, you must log on frequently, even daily, and interact regularly.  People need to see updated information from you in order to think of you when they have an interest or a need.

Make sure the information you offer is valuable and professional.  Consider posting an infographic about your business or your products or some other topic relevant to your industry.  Offer advice and help to other LinkedIn members while expecting nothing in return.  Establish your value in the community and watch your business grow.


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