5 Guerrilla Marketing Tactics That Work

Guerrilla marketing was developed originally for B2C businesses and startups that wanted an unconventional way to attract attention without investing a huge marketing budget. Guerrilla marketing includes advertising in unusual places and tricks and gimmicks designed to get a consumer’s attention.

You’ve probably heard about guerrilla marketing and dismissed it as something that didn’t work in a B2B sales environment.  Well, you were wrong.  Here are some guerrilla marketing tactics that think outside the box and get your business noticed in the marketplace without a large investment.

Tactic 1 – Your Own Top 10 List

Corporate America sometimes takes itself too seriously.  You probably have marketing and promotional material that gives the logical and professional reasons why a company in your industry should work with you.  Do your prospects smile when they read it?

Consider creating a “Top 10 List of Reasons to Do Business Us” and print it on glossy paper as a regular marketing piece…only this one is different.  This one is silly, funny and similar to something you might see on late night television.  Get your prospects smiling when they think of you and your creative spirit.

Tactic 2 – Billboard on Your Building

Want to get your company noticed?  Consider using your building or facility as a billboard.  Depending on your location, wall art on the outside of your building can attract attention and get you noticed.

Tactic 3 – Invite Them In

Do you have a process you are particularly proud of?  Do you have a cutting edge innovation or a streamlined, clean and organized logistics area?  Reach out to your customers and affiliates and invite them into your space.  Offer a free workshop where you demonstrate your unique abilities or give advice on how they can improve their operations based on your successes.  Feed them, train them, and give them a reason to contact you when they need your products and services.

Tactic 4 – Hold a Contest

How can your product be used more creatively or better?  How can your product be used to benefit others or the environment?  Consider holding a contest to find out.  Offer a prize based on first, second and third place and invite your prospects, customers, and local educational groups to participate.  You will gain publicity in the community, valuable exposure among your prospects and customers, and possibly gain new information you can use as product research and development.

Tactic 5 – Support Community or Charity Events

This is  a standard part of conventional marketing, but it can be a form of guerrilla marketing as well.  Imagine your employees volunteering at the next community or charity event while wearing custom tee shirts that promote your business or website.  The community will associate your business with its sponsorship, your employees with their volunteerism, and your products and services with a cause you believe in.  20 members of your team in brightly colored tee shirts displaying your brand have more of an impact than a mention in a program or on a banner.  Take your support to the guerrilla marketing level.


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